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by:Power Kingdom     2020-03-12
Over recent years & other; Blood lead & throughout; Tainted by increasing, lead pollution of the serious situation. Especially since 2011, our country parts of lead battery production enterprises lead pollution happened frequently, affects people's health and social harmony and stability, the height of the central and the social from all walks of life attention. The lead battery industry management in China and lead pollution has become a heavy metal pollution prevention and control work of top priority. China battery industry association, standing director Hu Xin professor evaluation of lead battery industry is & other; There is pollution risk throughout the industry &; Can be cured, but this kind of risk control, the international precedent. Lead battery production in our country not only, also in the production of Europe and the United States and other developed countries, but relatively perfect management and governance. Production in the United States and our country basic same, 33 lead battery production lead is the entire United States with 95% of the amount of lead, the ratio is higher than our country, our country is only 80%, but the proportion of the industry produce of lead pollution in the United States accounts for only 1 of the lead pollution. 5%. So, not metaphysics to conclude that lead battery's pollution, lithium ion battery is green energy. Example isn't hard to see from abroad, our country to some extent, there exists a certain gap, professor hu believes that this gap exists the law and regulations formulation, more important is the management and supervision. Some companies do not conform to the laws and regulations, but also illegal production, this is the regulation. Local related department, the environmental protection department, for instance, weak regulation, or out of place for manufacture and engaged in illegal interests. Professor hu believes that this phenomenon will exist for a long time, will slowly decrease. Lead battery products has a long history and mature technology, the power characteristics, high and low temperature performance, combination of consistency, recycling and price advantage, has long been widely used in automobiles, ships, aviation, electric power, communication, bank, military industry and other fields, has become essential to promote the national economic and social sustainable development of basic industries. At the same time, lead battery is chemical battery in the market share of the largest and the most widely use scope of battery products, in the field of internal combustion engine starting, large-scale energy storage applications such as there is no mature alternative products. Expect a period of time in the future, lead-acid battery can not be replaced by other battery products, lead battery industry in the national economy will still play an indispensable role. Hu Xin countries, said professor more specification more effective regulation and enterprises healthy development, the rest of the market is left to the legitimate existence of enterprise, is a great opportunity for them, because of the backward production capacity to be eliminated entirely, survive the conform to the requirements of the law, conform to 'access' and to make clean production, to govern the pollution of lead, lead battery industry in China will be on the path of a sustainable and healthy development
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