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by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-14

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   Lead-acid batteries that are not used for a long time need to be charged once a month or so. Pay attention to slow driving and no need to pick up the battery, and then charge it in time to the instructions The light turns green, and then charge with micro current for 3-4 hours. Note that the indicator light sometimes fails and does not turn green, causing overcharge and damage to the battery.

   Why do we say that lead-acid batteries should be charged once a month even if they are not used? This is because the battery cannot be stored in a power-deficient state, otherwise it is prone to sulfation, resulting in insufficient charging and decreased battery capacity. If the electric vehicle is not used for a long time, the battery cannot be 'holidayIn addition, when cleaning an electric car, do not directly wash the car body with water, otherwise it may cause a short circuit such as the coil and burn it.

  According to the research results of the American battery expert Maas on the best battery charging technology in the mid-1960s, he proposed that the battery is acceptable under the premise of the lowest outgassing rate. The charging current curve of is a curve in which the charging current gradually decreases exponentially. That is, the current is very large at the beginning of charging, and as the battery voltage continues to rise, the charging current continues to decrease until it is fully charged, at which time the charging current approaches zero. Then it automatically switches to constant voltage charging to keep the battery from self-discharged power loss. It will not be overcharged after charging for a long time. Such a charging method can greatly extend the service life of the battery and shorten the charging time at the same time.

   The same voltage is a prerequisite for parallel use of battery packs, and the capacity will only have a significant impact on the way of use:

Lead-acid battery packs of the same capacity are connected in parallel: they can be discharged in parallel or charged in parallel!

   Lead-acid battery packs of different capacities are connected in parallel: parallel discharge is possible, but parallel charging is not allowed!

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