Do a good job of inspection and maintenance while the battery is running Jiangsu Battery Factory

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-09

Jiangsu Battery Factory

Perform inspection and maintenance work during operation, and complete operation records should be made.

1. Regularly check the appearance and voltage of the battery.

2. Check the contents of an electric battery one month.





Floating charge Battery

Total voltage

Read on the control panel

Voltmeter index value

Float voltage × number of batteries

Floating charge voltage × number of batteries

3. Six months inspection content for a battery





1. Total battery voltage during floating charge

1. Use 0.5 level voltmeter to measure the total battery voltage

2. Read the voltmeter index value on the control panel

total battery voltage

(float charge voltage×battery number)

1. When the voltage value deviates from the reference Adjustment

2. Repair or replace when the error is greater than the allowable value

2. The voltage of all single cells

Use a 0.5 level voltmeter to measure the total battery voltage

The voltage deviation is less than or equal to plus or minus 0.1V/cell

When the voltage value of a certain battery exceeds the benchmark, it has not returned to normal after observation for 2 months, please contact the company or replace it

3. Appearance of the battery

Check for damage and leakage

Find out the cause, if the shell is cracked, replace it


Use a damp cloth to go to the place

Check whether the connecting wire terminal is loose

Tighten the bolts and nuts

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