Distinguish between UPS without interruption power supply and conventional UPS power supply

by:Power Kingdom     2021-06-16

In the future, our company needs to buy a UPS with uninterrupted power supply. You see that the power dedicated UPS written on our purchase list does not interrupt the power supply. We contacted the general power supply manufacturers and said that it is not enough to meet the demand. Find the UPS uninterrupted power supply manufacturer of Boye's power blog, and then give the master the distinction between UPS uninterrupted power supply and conventional UPS power supply.

First, the power UPS itself does not wear a battery pack, and directly uses the battery pack hanging on the DC screen bus, so the power UPS power supply does not need to be equipped with a charger.

2. Because the battery bus of the DC panel has closed-to-ground insulation detection, the output/output of the power UPS must have a separate transformer.

3. The external size of the UPS uninterrupted power supply is generally 800*600*2260 standard power cabinet. From the outside through the glass door, you can see the inside opening and closing and announce the status of the lights. Output feeder loop number and capacity, etc.

Four. The uninterrupted power supply of the UPS for power use is generally supplied by the three partial panels of the power UPS host, the bypass voltage stabilizer cabinet, and the output feeder cabinet.

Fifth, because the DCS system load of the power plant is generally single-phase load, the single-phase load distribution line is approximate and convenient to protect.

Therefore, most UPSs used in power grids output single-phase 220V, and the capacity is generally within the range of 80kVA.

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