Difficult situation - lead battery enterprises-Shenzhen Power Kingdom Co., Ltd.

by:Power Kingdom     2020-03-16
Order differential lead-acid batteries, small and medium enterprises difficult situation since late march, part of the lead battery enterprises have to enter the off-season, since each enterprise order light last time. Research, some small and medium-sized enterprises reflect the order is not flourishing, combined with environmental protection inspection last year caused a chain reaction that makes the small and medium-sized enterprise tough this year. Now whether it is a power, or starting battery enterprises & other; Orders are not & throughout; Is the consensus in the industry, since late march, said order every month to reduce some enterprises in succession. From research in March and April battery production, some enterprises battery production is falling. Some companies expect may battery production may than in April. Compared the off-season than usual this year, seems to be more serious. With procurement plate as raw material in addition, according to the part of small and medium-sized power type and start type lead battery companies reflect, last year due to the environmental protection check, mass production plate was shut down, lead to dynamic type lead-acid batteries last July through September when an enterprise is the peak season, plate market, and the price is hard to find, a lot of plate production enterprise in order to meet market demand for the blind pursuit of quantity, and ignore the quality, so part of the enterprise in the late production of battery quality is affected more serious, the battery to return factory repair rate is higher, further raises capital turnover difficult problems. Is the battery sales, on the other hand, was high battery repair rate and a shortage of funds, makes difficult for small and medium sized battery enterprises this year. Recently, because the order is bad, some companies even have a holiday break, and so on and so forth
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