Development prospects of valve-regulated lead-acid batteries

by:Power Kingdom     2021-04-23
Generally, lead-acid batteries were invented in 1859 and have been used for more than one hundred years. Many improvements have been made in terms of application value, reliable power supply, cycle life, and high-rate discharge. However, general lead-acid batteries have two problems that are not easy to solve: First, when overcharged, water is decomposed into hydrogen and oxygen gas is precipitated, so during use. It is necessary to frequently add distilled water to the battery; secondly, there is too much electrolyte, which may leak, and the gas that carries acid mist and is harmful to the human body is precipitated during charging. The valve-controlled battery developed in recent years adopts a new technology of gas recombination, which has a recombination effect in the battery, so that the gas does not go out during charging. Therefore, this kind of battery does not add distilled water, which greatly reduces the maintenance workload. People often call it It is a maintenance-free battery. The development of valve-controlled batteries in my country began in the late 1980s, and there are nearly 100 large-scale manufacturing plants so far. The quality of most of the products basically meets the relevant national and industry standards, which is essential to ensure the reliability of the DC power supply of the power system. It has a better effect. Some battery factories have introduced production technology and some manufacturing equipment from Germany, the United States, Japan, Spain, etc.; other battery factories adopt domestic equipment and new technologies, and produce valve-controlled batteries with a capacity of 100-3000Ah. At present, valve-controlled batteries have been widely used in domestic small and medium-capacity power plants and 220kV and below substations. In recent years, the use of valve-controlled batteries in 500kV substations and power plants with a capacity of 300MW and above has gradually increased. In terms of operating conditions, the valve-controlled battery has stable and reliable performance and low maintenance workload, which is welcomed by designers and operators. However, valve-controlled batteries are more sensitive to temperature and do not allow serious overcharging and undercharging. They have strict requirements on charging and discharging, and require charging devices with better performance. At present, high-frequency switching charging devices are widely used at home and abroad. Its output DC ripple coefficient is small (0.05%~0.1%), and its voltage stabilization and current stabilization accuracy are high (0.2%~0.5%) , And can automatically charge and discharge the valve-controlled battery according to the prescribed procedure, which basically meets the requirements of the valve-controlled battery.
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