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by:Power Kingdom     2020-08-16
Battery capacity problem is that the user is very concern, businessmen say how much the capacity of a battery of exactly reliable? Lithium battery manufacturer today with everyone together to analyze the battery capacity test method of our own to test the capacity of the battery, the battery to discharge and the plate vulcanizing gradually is lead-acid battery inevitable & quot; Emerging fault & quot; , just as the increasingly strict requirements on product material and craft, such as variable lead antimony alloy lead calcium alloy, and gradually become & quot; The entire free maintenance & quot; And nothing more. Some people used to use only the voltmeter or multimeter to check the battery voltage shift without load to save electricity adequacy, it is very unreliable. Because even start the discharge end of the battery, as long as once to stop discharging, the positive and negative plate of battery and electrolyte between the open circuit voltage can be achieved immediately - - Electromotive force, can immediately recover the potential difference between them, every single case 2. 1 v, the battery about 12. More than 6 v. Just measure the voltage, the current consumption is few, so will have big pressure drop inside the battery, so according to the voltage is not low, but with quite a load, such as headlamps ( 10~15A) , horn, 6~12A) , the battery will dim the lights, horn husky, which shows a lack of electricity. When electrolyte fluid level is too low, two balls will fall to the limit position, the observation hole are & quot; Outside in the red colorless & quot; ( Center is colorless transparent dots, is surrounded by the red circle) , said the electrolyte is insufficient, battery cannot continue to use, must be replaced. If the test plug in a dry lotus on the battery, you must add distilled water. English labeled & quot; Adddistilledwater” . Battery is a kind of easy loss of large components, its life long up to 3 ~ 4 years, short of 1 ~ 2 years, and the more often drive car, Especially long distance) , the longer battery life; The more often parked cars or buses, discharge and recharge is insufficient, often have short battery life. Battery charged it works: when using the power of external internal active substances, to store the electric energy to chemical energy, need discharge to convert chemical energy to electrical energy output. When the battery power is insufficient, the electrolyte density is too low, the blue ball sinking to the limit position, the observation hole present & quot; The infrared colorless & quot; ( Red dot in the centre, around the colorless transparent circle) , said kui electric battery is serious, must be immediately charged, English marked & quot; chargingnecessary” . Battery maintenance method resolution: one, measuring float charging pressure two, three, internal resistance or conductance measurement method is four, the traditional test method of off-line capacity test method of this kind of test method of measurement of battery capacity numerical accuracy, can clearly identifying whether the battery failure batteries. But this method has the following defects: 1, the battery must be from the system, if the mains suddenly, during another set of batteries can stay alone? Increase the risk of system paralysis. 2, heavy electric heating wire need many people carrying, and at least one must measure the recorded data. 3, individual voltage of the battery may be in two measurement interval between suddenly dropped to below cut-off voltage, caused by excessive discharge, as shown in figure 3. The workload is too big, difficult to thoroughly. 4, the battery must be spent two hours for the whole charge, sometimes need to off-line rectifier, and easy to cause some battery overcharge. 5, must consume large amounts of electric energy and heat energy. Five, the online capacity of traditional test method
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