Declining profits - lead-acid battery industry-Shenzhen Power Kingdom Co., Ltd.

by:Power Kingdom     2020-03-03
Because of the lead-acid battery main raw material & ndash; — Big increase in the price of lead in the second half of 2004, running, and continue to maintain high prices of the lead-acid battery industry profits are falling. At present, our country to lead smoke and lead dust, acid mist and water treatment method and the technology has been basically mature, each big, medium-sized lead-acid battery manufacturer to constantly increase the intensity of technical transformation, renewal process equipment, widely used environmental protection cartridge filter instead of electrostatic precipitator with high efficiency, using wet precipitator purification lead smoke, the turbulent ball sulfuric acid mist absorption treatment, acid mist purification tower for flocculation reaction processing wastewater containing lead acid, eliminate or reduce the pollutants from the technology's impact on the environment, improving production operation environment, most large and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises achieve the clean production and part has passed the national environmental system certification. Patented technology in our country to declare, battery industry in recent years the overall defense technology development is the battery model battery structure improvement and development. While foreign patent technology is mainly related to the thin plate of cash bipolar type lead batteries, using the module of the structure of the sealed battery and gel electrolyte lead batteries. Therefore, our patented technology and abroad have a certain gap. Has more than hundred years history of lead-acid batteries because of cheap materials, simple process, mature technology, low self-discharge, free maintenance requirements, such as features, in the coming decades, still dominant in the market, although the priming, power battery market space there may be a turning point, the national industrial development in the near future will still be in the dominant position, the midterm will be a place in the long term, does not require high weight ratio energy use in the lead-acid battery will continue to exist.
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