Breakthrough - electric car battery technology-Power Kingdom

by:Power Kingdom     2020-08-15
At present our country each year by about 85% 20% of gasoline and diesel fuel consumption from the car. Accordingly, soaring automobile consumption brings the rapid energy consumption and environmental degradation. Therefore, production of electric cars and other new energy vehicles in China and many countries as the auto industry development direction. And for electric vehicles, battery technology is the core issue of the market can be sustained development. It is reported that 3 m in the process of making batteries, excavate the potential of various new materials all the time. Based on the research achievements of new material, 3 m for the electric car market provides the perfect and mature battery power solutions, successfully developed a kind of used for electric car battery collector of solubility of nano-scale coating process. The technology to increase the collection of electrical conductive performance and capacity, greatly narrowed the cell volume, can offer strong engine power for electric vehicles, but also successfully solves the electric vehicle battery has a large volume, conductive performance weak problems. 3 m also in order to solve the battery under the condition of the temperature too high or too low to work caused by the heat dissipation or thermal runaway problem as the goal, to develop new battery thermal management solution assembly, by air, liquid, or based on phase change materials for heat medium management technology, improve the whole performance, the battery to prolong the life of the electric car battery.
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