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by:Power Kingdom     2020-03-17
Today, the institution of the State Council reform plan to the 13th at a meeting of the National People's Congress for consideration. According to the plan, after the reform, reduce the eight minister-level body under the State Council, the deputy agency reduce 7, in addition to The General Office of the State Council, 26 set of authority under the State Council. It is important to note that in these departments did not find the department of energy's & other; Shadow & throughout; 。 On March 8, Reuters news, China plans to set up the department of energy (doe), regulation of vast oil, natural gas, coal and electric power industry, this is part of the government institutional reform program, designed to improve the decision-making efficiency. This will replace the existing new National Energy Administration. Now it seems that the news is not accurate. Agencies of the State Council reform specific adjustment is as follows: a, 1, forming a natural resources of departments under the State Council to adjust. No longer retain the ministry of land and resources, the State Oceanic Administration, national geographic information bureau of surveying and mapping. 2, set up the ecological environment. No longer retain the ministry of environmental protection. 3, agricultural NongCunBu form. No longer retain the ministry of agriculture. 4, to form a culture and tourism. No longer retain the ministry of culture, the national tourism administration. 5, establish national health council. No longer retain the national health and family planning commission. No longer to set up the deepening medical and health system reform leading group office of the State Council. 6, a veterans affairs. 7, establish emergency management department. No longer retain state supervision and administration of production safety administration. Eight, to form a science and technology. 9, to form the department of justice. No longer retain the legal office of the State Council. 10 and the responsibilities of the optimization of water resources. No longer retain the three gorges project construction committee and office of the State Council, the south-to-north water transfer project construction committee and office of the State Council. 11, optimization of the responsibilities of audit. No longer set up key large state-owned enterprises board of supervisors. 12 supervisory committee, ministry of supervision into the new country. No longer retains the ministry of supervision, the national bureau of corruption prevention. After the reform, in addition to The General Office of the State Council, 26 set of authority under the State Council. 2, 1, other department under the State Council adjusted to form a total bureau of national market supervision and management. No longer retain the state administration for industry and commerce, the state administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine, administration of the state food and drug supervision and administration. 2, the state administration of radio, television. No longer retains the state general administration of press and publication, radio and television. 3, the form of bank of China insurance regulatory commission. No longer retain the China banking regulatory commission, China insurance regulatory commission. 4, a national international development cooperation agency (sida). 5, set up the national health insurance bureau. 6, to form a national food and supplies reserve. No longer retain national grain bureau. 7, to form a national immigration service. Eight, to form a national bureau of forestry and grassland. No longer retain the state forestry administration. 9, to form the state intellectual property office. 10, adjusting the national council for social security fund subordinate relations. 11, reform the duty land tax collection and management system. At the provincial level and provincial level the following duty land tax institutions merger. Outside the composition department of the State Council of the adjustment of the subordinate organizations under the State Council and Settings, will be made up of new examination and approval of the State Council.
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