Be careful when connecting square sine wave UPS power supply to inductive loads

by:Power Kingdom     2021-06-29
Tags: Square sine wave UPS power supply should be careful when connecting inductive loads. The load we often say refers to the object powered by the UPS power supply. For example, a UPS drives a computer, and this computer is the load of the UPS. Inductive load refers to the conversion of an electric field into a magnetic field, and then a magnetic field into mechanical energy. It is an electrical equipment with a coil in the circuit. The coil part is an inductive load. The most commonly used inductive loads are fans, generators, transformers, and towns. Streamer and so on. However, these loads need to be larger than the current during normal operation (may be 3-7 times larger) at startup. Such a large instantaneous current may far exceed the voltage value that the power supply can withstand, causing the overload of the UPS power supply. , The power supply is damaged. The conversion rate of the square sine wave UPS power supply itself is low, and the quality is not very good, and it is easy to malfunction if connected to an inductive load. Therefore, if you need to connect inductive loads, you can choose some sine wave UPS power supply.
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