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by:Power Kingdom     2020-08-13
At present, our main commonly used car battery is divided into three categories, respectively the common battery, dry charge batteries and battery three without maintenance. ( 1] Normal battery: ordinary battery plate is made up of lead and lead oxide, the electrolyte is sulfuric acid aqueous solution. It is the main advantage of voltage stability, the price is cheap; Defect is lower than can ( The battery storage of electricity per kg) , short service life and maintenance frequency. Dry lotus battery: it is the full name of dry charged lead-acid battery, it is the main characteristic of negative plate has higher storage capacity, under completely dry condition, can save the electricity generated by in two years, when using, need to join the electrolyte, such as 20 & ndash; 30 minutes to use. Maintenance-free storage battery, maintenance free batteries due to its structural advantages, the consumption of the electrolyte is very small, in the service life of the basic don't need to add distilled water. It also has a shock resistant, high temperature resistant, small volume, the characteristics of uniformity. General twice of the normal battery service life. The free maintenance battery on the market has two kinds: the first in one-time add electrolyte later use when buying does not need maintenance ( Add supplementary liquid) ; Battery itself is another good factory had already added electrolyte and block, users won't add supplementary fluid.
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