Battery: Types of DC stabilized power supply and selection of Wuhan Battery Factory

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-06

  1. Types and selection of DC stabilized power supplies:

   DC stabilized power supplies can be divided into chemical power supplies, linear stabilized power supplies, and switching-type stable power supplies according to custom. They are respectively There are various types:

  1, chemical power

  we Commonly used dry batteries, lead-acid batteries, nickel-cadmium, nickel-metal hydride, and lithium-ion batteries all fall into this category, each with its own advantages and disadvantages.

   With the development of science and technology, intelligent batteries have been produced; in terms of materials for rechargeable batteries, American developers have discovered an iodide of manganese, which can be used to produce An environmentally friendly rechargeable battery that is cheap, compact, and has a long discharge time, and maintains good performance after multiple charges.

  2, linear stable power supply

   linear stable power supply has a common feature that its power device regulator tube works online In the sex zone, the output is stabilized by the voltage drop between the regulator tubes. Due to the large static loss of the adjustment tube, a large radiator needs to be installed to dissipate heat. Moreover, since the transformer works on the power frequency (50Hz), the weight is relatively large.

  The advantages of this type of power supply are high stability, small ripple, high reliability, easy to make a multi-channel, continuously adjustable output. The disadvantage is that it is large, bulky, and relatively low in efficiency. There are many kinds of this kind of stable power supply. From the output nature, it can be divided into a regulated power supply and a regulated current power supply, and a regulated and regulated current (bistable) power supply that integrates regulated and stable current. In terms of output value, it can be divided into fixed-point output power supply, band switch adjustment type and potentiometer continuously adjustable type. From the output indication can be divided into pointer indication type and digital display type and so on.

  3, switching-type DC stabilized power supply

   A type of stable power supply which is different from linear stabilized power supply is the switching type DC stabilized power supply, its circuit types mainly include single-ended flyback, single-ended forward, half-bridge, push-pull and full-bridge. The fundamental difference between it and the linear power supply is that its transformer does not work at power frequency but at tens of kilohertz to several megahertz. The functional tube does not work in the saturation and cut-off region, that is, the switching state; the switching power supply is named after it.

   The advantages of switching power supply are small size, light weight, stable and reliable; the disadvantages are larger ripple than linear power supply (generally ≤1%VO(PP), good It can be more than ten mV (PP) or less). Its power can range from several watts to several kilowatts. The price ranges from 3 yuan to more than 100,000 yuan per watt. The following is a general custom classification to introduce several switching power supplies:

  ①, AC/DC

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   This type of power supply is also called a primary power supply. It obtains energy from the power grid and obtains a DC high voltage after high voltage rectification and filtering. The DC/DC converter obtains one or several stable DC voltages at the output. Several watts-several kilowatts are available for different occasions. There are many specifications and models of this type of product. According to user needs, the primary power supply (AC220 input, DC48V or 24V output) in the communication power supply also belongs to this category.




  ②, the DC/DC power supply is also called the secondary power supply in the communication system. It is a DC input voltage provided by the primary power supply or a DC battery pack. One or several DC voltages are obtained at the output.

  ③, communication power supply

   communication power supply is essentially a DC/DC converter type power supply, but it is generally DC -48V or -24V power supply, and use the backup CGB battery as the backup of DC power supply to transform the DC power supply voltage into the working voltage of the circuit. Generally, it is divided into three types: central power supply, layered power supply and single board power supply. The latter is reliable. The highest sex.

  ④, radio power

   radio power input AC220V/110V, output DC13.8V, power is supplied by the power of the station It depends, several amps and hundreds of amps have products. In order to prevent the AC power grid from affecting the operation of the radio, a battery pack is required as a backup, so this type of power supply has an automatic conversion of battery charging in addition to outputting a 13.8V DC voltage. Features.

  ⑤, module power supply

   With the rapid development of science and technology, the requirements for power supply reliability, capacity/volume ratio The higher the coming, the more and more the module power supply shows its superiority. It has high working frequency, small size, high reliability, easy installation and combination expansion, so it is more and more widely used. At present, although there is corresponding module production in China, the failure rate is relatively high because the production technology has not kept up with the international level.

   Although the cost of DC/DC module power supply is relatively high at present, from the perspective of the overall cost of the long application cycle of the product, especially the high maintenance caused by system failure In terms of cost and loss of goodwill, it is cost-effective to choose this power module. It is also worth mentioning here that the Rogowski converter circuit has the outstanding advantages of simple circuit structure, high efficiency and ripple value of output voltage and current. Close to zero.

  ⑥, special power supply

   high voltage low current power supply, large current power supply, 400Hz input AC/DC power supply, etc. , Can be classified in this category, can be selected according to special needs. The price of switching power supply is generally 2-8 yuan/watt, and the price of special low-power and high-power power supplies is slightly higher, up to 11-13 yuan/watt.


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