Battery-the meaning of the model in the battery

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-20

   Many people know that every battery has a model, but what is the specific meaning of the battery model? Next, we will introduce you to the meaning of each battery model (not limited to batteries).

  6' refers to a battery composed of 6 cells, because each cell is 2 volts, so 6 cells are 12 volts, so the '6' particles are directly Understand as a 12-volt battery.

  Qin'QA' means'start type','A' means'dry battery'. It should be noted that the term'dry rechargeable battery' does not refer to dry batteries, but is stored in the form of dry batteries when not sold, and after the electrolyte is sold, the car can be started for 20 minutes without charging. 120Ah refers to the capacity of the battery. Generally speaking, how much electricity can be installed. Therefore, this is a 12-volt, dry-charged car starter battery with a capacity of 120 Ah.

  What do many batteries mean? LsGs(M)Gs(s)DZM and so on?

  DZM series batteries are mainly used for electric vehicles, Ls series are mainly used for power systems, communications, UPs, solar energy and security alarm systems. Gs(s) can be used for emergency Lighting, electricity, communication, starting and UPs uninterruptible power supply system Gs(M) is used for emergency lights, portable appliances, small UPs, security alarms, etc. Electrical appliances and toys. Contact: 18038382979


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