Battery terminal connection mode

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-13

  The way to connect each battery terminal firmly

Notes for battery device Before installing and using the battery, the connection between each battery in the battery pack must be strong. First, read carefully the product description, install and use it as required. Generally, the following points should be paid attention to. The size of the initial charging current should be according to the value specified in the clarification book, or the current of 1/10 of the rated capacity. During normal charging in use, it is best to choose a hierarchical constant current charging method, that is, use a larger current in the early stage of charging, and switch to a smaller current after a certain time of charging, and use a smaller current in the later stage of charging. The charging power of this charging method is higher, the charging time is shorter, the charging effect is also good, and it is beneficial to extend the battery life.

  1. The installation plan should consider location conditions, such as: ground load; ventilated environment; sunlight; corrosion and organic solvents; convenient maintenance of the machine room cloth; system integration and capacity requirements; etc. .

  2. The old and new batteries cannot be mixed before they are installed. Different types of indium batteries or batteries with the same capacity should never be mixed.

  3. The batteries are 100% charged and leave the factory. It is necessary to operate with care and avoid short circuit; when installing the device, you should choose absolute: it, wear insulating gloves to avoid electric shock.

  4. The storage battery is stored in the environment before the device is used, and the storage period is 3 months. If it exceeds 3 months, it must be 40V/only (250 voltage against The battery is supplemented.

   5. Connect the battery connections between rows, layers, and panel terminals according to the specified series and parallel lines. At the end of the device, the connector and the entire Panasonic Before the battery system is turned on, you should carefully check the negative polarity and measure the system voltage. And pay attention to the premise that the cross-sectional area is set, the lead wire should be as short as possible to reduce the voltage drop during high current discharge; two or more batteries are connected in parallel When the battery is connected to the load, it’s better to have the same length of cables from each battery to the load to facilitate the current balance of the batteries during battery charging and discharging.

  6. It is necessary to tighten, but also to avoid damage to the copper inserts of the pole when the tightening force is too large.

  7. When the installation is over, you should check the system power and battery positive and negative again. To ensure the accuracy of the battery device.

   8. Use a soft cloth soaked in soapy water to clean the battery shell, cover, panel, and connection line. Do not clean with organic solvents. Corrosion of battery cover and other parts. Contact: 18038382979


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