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by:Power Kingdom     2020-08-15
The battery is responsible for starting car engines and powering a car electronic control system, ensure the normal operation of the vehicle. When no power supply through the installed on the engine generator for its charge, the engine does not work when the electric control system for power supply. ( 1) When you start the engine, provide powerful starting current to the starter ( As high as 200 - commonly 600) 。 ( 2) When the generator overload, can help power generator to the power equipment. ( 3) When the engine at idle speed, the power supply to the power equipment. ( 4) When the generator terminal voltage is higher than that of lead battery electromotive force, will be part of the electrical energy into chemical energy storage, which is recharged. Battery maintenance tips. The first is about the use of the battery. Drivers use batteries should not be excessive, in this recommendation start not more than five seconds at a time, and the second start with the first time start the interval of more than 10 seconds, best can effectively protect the storage battery. , of course, also remind fellow cyclists should pay attention to save electricity, such as in the attention when you leave the car pass good light electrical appliances, etc. , so that can save energy can also be a good protect battery. Second is about the installation of the battery, not only to ensure the battery installed, should also be regular inspection at the same time, in order to prevent the battery caused by vent plug burst. Advised the driver to check vent, to prevent the above problems. Finally about do not use it for a long time, the driver should be fully charged battery, also suggested that the pilot friends every other month or so to launch a car in maintaining the energy of battery, if not in use for a long time, is likely to cause the vehicle to start.
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