Battery maintenance series

by:Power Kingdom     2021-04-27
Many car owners don't care much about how to use the battery in their daily use of cars. In fact, there are many ways to use car batteries. When the vehicle is driving and parking, there are some details worthy of attention. Below we list some precautions in actual use for everyone.   If the battery is not used for a long time, it will slowly self-discharge until it is completely scrapped. Therefore, the car should be started every once in a while to charge the battery in time. Another method is to unplug the two electrodes of the battery to reduce the power consumption of the electrical appliances in the car.   In addition, the power of the battery can be reflected on the dashboard. When the pointer of the ammeter shows that the power is insufficient, charge it in time. In addition, the electrolyte density of dry-charge batteries should be adjusted according to the standards of different regions and different seasons, and distilled water or special replenishing fluid should be added when the electrolyte is depleted, and drinking pure water cannot be used instead. It is worth noting that uninterrupted use of the starter when starting the vehicle will cause damage to the battery due to excessive discharge. The correct method is to start the vehicle for no more than 5 seconds each time the ignition time, and the restart interval no less than 15 seconds . Also, check whether the small holes on the battery cover are ventilated. If the small holes on the battery cover are blocked, the battery shell will be broken by the swelling electrolyte.   First, simply wipe the outside of the battery with a damp cloth, and wipe clean the dust, oil, white powder, etc. on the panel and the two-stage pile head, which may cause leakage. Frequently scrub the battery, the two-stage pile head of the battery is not easy to deposit acid corrosion powder, which can indirectly extend the service life of the battery.  Secondly, the battery power should be checked once a month, the electrolyte level should always be kept between the max and min marks, and the vent should be checked frequently to prevent the battery from deforming or bursting. When it is obvious that the voltage drops, the brightness of the car lights is insufficient, the ignition is not smoothly started, and the starting is weak, the car should be charged outside in time.   Finally, the new battery should be stored away from heat and open flames. When charging outside the car, ensure that it is carried out in a ventilated environment. When installing the battery, check whether the fixation is firm, whether there is vibration after the vehicle is started, and always check the two-stage pile head of the battery. The two-stage pile head of the battery must be kept in good contact to prevent short circuit due to virtual connection. In addition, when the car is driving in extremely cold weather, it is necessary to prevent the battery from being completely discharged and the electrolyte from freezing.
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