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by:Power Kingdom     2020-03-20
1, the maintenance, 1) Regular addition charge in general, after the electric battery charged shall be carried out within the 24 h; The machines stopped ( Or not to use large equipment) On the battery, must complement each month 1 time charge; With battery, should tear open come down to one every two months added charge. ( 2) Regularly check the density of the electrolyte electrolyte density must be adapted to area and season. According to practical experience, most areas in China, In addition to cold region) Before and after the summer, the new rechargeable battery electrolyte relative density can be up to 1. 20 to 1. 25 g/m3, used battery recharging, electrolytic liquid density should keep on 1. 15 ~ 1. 18 g/m3. Autumn electrolyte relative density should be by 1. 18 g/m3 gradually increased to 1. 25 g/m3, winter adjustment to 1. 285 g/m3, the Spring Festival and then gradually add distilled water, to lower relative density. ( 3) Maintain a high degree of electrolyte level in accordance with the requirements of using the electrolyte level should be higher than plate 10 ~ 15 mm. When check with 4 ~ 6 mm diameter, first is about 150 mm long glass tube, vertical insert to add liquid mouth, until the contact with the plate on the marginal facies, then with your index finger compression the height of the electrolyte in the glass tube is higher than that of battery electrolyte in plane plate height. Measurement and then put back to the electrolyte in the tube, if the liquid level height is not enough, should be timely replenish distilled water, must not add spring water, river water, and water, can not add more dilute sulphuric acid, or you will make the electrolyte density increases with the damage to the plate. Also note; Distilled water should be in the storage battery is in a state of charge, to ensure that the electrolyte mixed more evenly; Liquid level is too high, in order to prevent the electrolyte spillover during charge and discharge. ( 4) Keep clear cover shell of yellowish-white paste storage battery shell and cover of yellowish-white paste, is due to the battery shell and cover and splashed with sulfuric acid solution around a pile, electrode pile by the results of electrochemical corrosion. The white material for lead sulfate, yellow substance for ferric sulfate, corrosion resistance is very strong, and the resistance being very high, if in a conductor contact, will form a large contact resistance, conductive harmful. Therefore, often should use alkaline, also can use 10% of the soda water or 10% of ammonia solution soaked in cotton wipe storage battery shell and the shell cover spatter of electrolyte, make its surface often is in neutral. If a column with wire joint clearance oxide, available tools scrape.
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