Battery maintenance knowledge and repair methods

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-12

  一. Common failure modes of batteries


   Most of the unbalanced batteries are not used alone, but used together. One or two batteries in each group are behind, which may cause Other good batteries can't work normally, this is unbalanced. 2. When the battery loses water during charging, water electrolysis will occur to produce oxygen and hydrogen, so that water exists in the form of hydrogen and oxygen, so it is also called gas. Water plays a very important role in the electrochemical system of batteries. Reducing the amount of water will reduce the ion activity in the reaction, reduce the contact area between sulfuric acid and the lead plate, and increase the internal resistance and polarization of the battery. Eventually lead to a decrease in battery capacity. Repair method: pry open the battery cover. Some battery covers are ABS glued, some batteries are button-connected. Some are sliding plates. Pay attention to pry open the cover, do not damage the cover. At this point, you can see the six exhaust valves of the rubber cap. Open the rubber cap to expose the vent and you can see the inside of the battery. Some battery exhaust valve bases can be turned to open, but the rubber exhaust valve base cannot be opened. There are also some fillers around the rubber caps of some batteries. Open the lid and light with a flashlight to see if there is any dryness in the cave, that is, if the battery is dehydrated. The panel is wrapped with white fiberglass cotton. Under normal circumstances, it should be wet. The distilled water is sucked in by the dropper and injected into the battery through the vent. Cover the vent with a breathable shield to prevent dust from falling into the vent. It is best to use medical double distilled water. The principle of hydration is to drink less and more. Insufficient amount can be added, the specific gravity of the acid solution will drop more, and the battery capacity will be insufficient. For inexperienced people, 5ml per hole


   It is better to look at it, wet, shiny, and watery. It's just damp, there are more sparks, and there is too much water. Special note: Use glass, plastic and other straws for rehydration tools. It is recommended to use a disposable medical syringe, which is convenient and convenient. The charging tool should not use any metal-containing equipment, and the syringe should be taken out of the metal needle or plastic tube before use. 3. Lead sulfate is a sulfate battery produced in the positive and negative electrodes. Due to the existence of oxygen pole oxidation, when charged, lead sulfate is easily converted into lead dioxide, while the negative electrode is different. In the presence of frequent over-discharge and lack of long-term charge, a dense and hard lead sulfate layer will gradually form on the surface of the negative electrode, which not only greatly reduces the solubility, but also is difficult to participate in the reaction. At the same time, the contact channel between the electrolyte and the deep active material is blocked, resulting in a decrease in battery capacity. 4. The plate softened plate is a kind of multi-gap material, which has a larger specific surface area than the electrode plate itself. In the repeated charge and discharge cycles of the battery, it alternates with different substances on the electrode plates. On the surface, the surface of the positive plate has become soft and soft from the beginning, and the reduction of the surface area will result in a decrease in battery capacity. High current charge and discharge, overdischarge will accelerate the softening of the electrode plate. Contact: 18038382979

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