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by:Power Kingdom     2020-08-12
The earliest use of ordinary lead-acid battery overload capacity low, easy to produce acid corrosion; Since the 1980 s, and gradually replaced by cadmium nickel battery, although it has high reliability, small volume, low pressure drop, strong resistance to overcharge, stable discharge voltage, discharge rate is high, the advantages of long life, but also has a low battery voltage, the use of large quantities, shortcomings and so on maintenance workload is relatively large and more complicated. As a separate operating power supply, battery has the advantages of high reliability, so is widely used in the substation and power plant. And valve control type battery has explosion-proof, using a number of small, high voltage battery monomer, convenient maintenance, etc. Due to valve control type battery structure inside the battery to keep certain pressure and gas, and ensure that the above reaction cycle, at the same time also inhibit the cathode hydrogen precipitation, control the consumption of water, so the battery can run sealing. For valve control type battery below problems that should be paid attention to in the use and maintenance. - - When maintenance measure battery, the operator face may not is on the top of the battery, should maintain a certain Angle or distance. - - During the running of battery, should check once every six months the connection wire, corrosion bolt looseness or pollution, loose bolts must tighten in time ( Bolt and nut torque is about 11 n & middot; m) Pollution and corrosion of joint should be timely cleaning. If a battery in the process of charging and discharging, connection, heat or pressure drop is more than 10 mv and above, shall be immediately with sand paper and a contact part of the connection in grinding processing. — — Battery should be placed in ventilated, dry and away from heat source and is not easy to produce sparks, safe distance of 0. More than 5 m. In the environment temperature is 25 ℃ ~ 0 ℃, 1 ℃ drop in its discharge capacity fell about 1%, so the battery should work at 15 ℃ ~ 20 ℃ environment. — — To make the battery has a longer service life, please use the good performance of automatic voltage regulator current-limiting charging equipment. When the load changes within the normal range, charging equipment should reach & plusmn; 2% of the voltage regulation accuracy and can meet the requirement specified in the instructions for the battery. Floating use battery please don't stop floating during non-working. — — New installation or after overhaul of valve control type battery, should be checked from the whole discharge experiment, after every 2 ~ 3 years on a check discharge experiment, run the six years of valve control type of battery, as once a year check discharge experiment. If check after 3 times put batteries, battery capacity reach more than 80% of the rated capacity, the group can be thought of valve control type battery life is terminated, shall be replaced. - - Must strictly abide by the battery discharge, then recharge at constant current charging pressure limiting & rarr; Constant voltage charging & rarr; Float charging charging rules, conditions allow the best use of high frequency switch power supply charging unit, so that at any time to smart battery management.
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