Battery installation data measurement and recording method

by:Power Kingdom     2021-04-22
The battery is the last link that the system reliability depends on, and it is also the weakest link of the system reliability. Many major accidents originate from the failure of the battery.  Battery maintenance, the maintenance procedures must use a unified data measurement and recording method, so that the battery can be further analyzed. At the same time, it can infer the battery that should be replaced, and use the data to find out the problems, so that the problems in the system become obvious, to ensure the safety of the backup power system, and to provide necessary evidence for the claim.  The biggest problem involved in maintenance work is personnel safety, especially the high-voltage battery in the UPS. Unskilled people who do not know Ohm's law well cannot work on high-voltage batteries. Many newly installed UPS systems use unisolated transformers, which will generate an AC high voltage to the ground on each pole terminal in the battery string, plus it is known that there is no more space to access the pole terminals. . Therefore, the installation work in the UPS cabinet is extremely dangerous.   The battery maintenance requirements are clearly stated in the IEEE document 1188 (VRLA battery), and it must be implemented by skilled personnel in accordance with the requirements of the standard. Any user who strictly implements the IEEE standard will have a reliable backup battery system.
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