Battery industry become more common - 'expansion'-Power Kingdom

by:Power Kingdom     2020-08-13
On May 17th, this year just ended eight years & other; In cap & throughout; Career of wanli co ( Formerly known as ST chongqing wanli) May be from & other; Pain & throughout; See & other; Hope & throughout; The best case. No doubt the wanli shares & other; Pick a hat & throughout; Should thank lead-acid battery industry environmental storms last year, the shares actual controllers, chairman and general manager liu informed bearing has admitted that the storm & other; Bring to the company the opportunity & throughout; 。 In 2011, zhejiang and guangdong shut down hundreds of lead battery enterprise, chongqing local shut down 22, ST chongqing wanli lucky to become one of the few to survive. Since then, the company product orders growth, eventually to be able to turn a profit. However, including liu about bearing, the surviving the lead-acid battery manufacturers are aware of the industry is still lurking in the & other; Environmental bottlenecks, backward technology & throughout; More great crisis. Just, in the face of the crisis, but they all chose & other; Expansion & throughout; 。 In July 2012, just & other; Pick a hat & throughout; Shares of wanli eagerly issued & other Non-public a-share stock plan & throughout; 。 According to the plan, the company plans to 7 total non-public stock to raise money. 300 million yuan, annual output of 3 million cars start type used for investment and maintenance-free battery project; Annual output of 15 million electric vehicle battery project; Annual output of 2 million automobile lead-acid weak hybrid battery project and added liquidity. At the same time, and the co action consistent and day to be able to power, camels shares, etc. Power openly said not long ago, the day, the second half of this year and next year, the company main strategy to accelerate the expansion, sufficient capacity, in order to produce the sales. Among them, the secondary market of distribution network, goal is 1200 this year, next year goal is 1500; And camels shares this year production capacity is expected to have been by 9. 26 million kva soaring in 2011 to more than 12 million kva, in addition, the company invested nearly 1 billion yuan on a large scale in the original production line after renovation, will also be in guangxi, jilin, enlarge production ability.
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