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by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-13

  The intelligent battery discharge monitor is specially designed for checking discharge experiment, capacity test, daily maintenance of battery pack, engineering acceptance and other DC power load capacity tests. Using the latest wireless communication technology, the battery discharge process can be monitored in real time through the PC monitoring software, and the discharge process of each battery can be monitored.

   In order to check the spare time and actual capacity of the battery pack, and to ensure the normal operation of the system, it is generally necessary to conduct a check discharge test on the battery pack every year. The most reliable method to determine whether the battery capacity meets the requirements is to conduct a deep constant current discharge test. Traditional battery discharge tests generally use bulky resistance boxes, which require manual adjustment of the discharge current. The control accuracy is low, the work is complicated, and the labor intensity is high.

  Maintenance-free or other types of batteries need to be discharged regularly in accordance with the battery usage rules to ensure that the battery pack can be loaded continuously for 10 hours when the mains is disconnected to ensure the normal operation of the equipment. Our smart battery discharger is specially designed for checking discharge of battery packs, battery capacity testing, daily maintenance of battery packs, engineering acceptance and other DC power load capacity tests.

  The function of the battery discharge detector

   Function 1: Check discharge test: set the discharge current continuously, constant current Discharge, real-time monitoring of battery status (single battery voltage, entire group voltage, discharged capacity, discharge time) during the test, select out-of-date batteries, and accurately measure the capacity of the battery pack.

   Function 2: Battery inspection function: monitor the battery status during the charging process (single cell voltage, whole group voltage, charged capacity, charging time, charging voltage curve), Understand battery performance.

   Function 3: Short-term capacity test function: Short-term (10 minutes) discharge to estimate the capacity of the battery pack, which can quickly determine the performance and capacity of the battery.

   function four: wireless transmission function; the discharge process is transmitted to the computer monitoring software through the wireless terminal, truly unattended, the discharge data is clear at a glance, saving manpower and improving efficiency.

   Function 5: Data management: complete computer management, analysis and monitoring software, powerful data processing function, comprehensive analysis of battery test results (expressed in the form of a curve) ), accurately judge battery performance, and automatically generate data reports.

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