Battery discharge characteristics

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-14

  The discharge characteristic of a battery is a series of curves. At a certain ambient temperature (25°C in the figure), the relationship between the voltage at the end of the battery and the discharge time is called the discharge curve, which depends on the discharge current. The following characteristics can be seen from the discharge curve:


   (1) The curve of the longest discharge time, the discharge time is 10 hours, the current is constant, we call it the 10-hour discharge rate curve , The capacity measured by this curve is represented by C10.


  C10/6A×10hu003d60 Ah


  If the same battery is measured with 1 hour constant current discharge,



  C1/41.9 A×1hu003d41.9Ah


   Therefore, only after the discharge system is calibrated, the battery capacity will be Is a comparable value.


   (2) Regardless of the discharge current, in the early stage of discharge, as the battery in Shenzhen changes from the charged state to the discharged state, the terminal voltage first drops and then rises slightly. The charge near the electrode plate is quickly released, and the charge away from the electrode plate needs to be gradually transferred to the electrode plate before being released. This process forms a large voltage valley at the end of the battery.


   (3) Regardless of the discharge current, the voltage at the end of the battery will eventually show a sharp drop in the inflection point. During safe operation, the curve connected to the inflection point of these curves is called the terminal voltage curve. The end point of the UPS battery voltage is designed near this inflection point curve. The curve after the inflection point has a sharp downward trend before the end of the discharge curve, which is called the minimum terminal voltage curve, which indicates that when the discharge voltage is lower than this curve, it will cause permanent failure of the battery. In other words, the battery can no longer restore storage capacity. It can be seen that the protection function designed to prevent the deep discharge of the battery in the UPS is very necessary. Contact: 18038382979

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