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by:Power Kingdom     2020-08-12
Battery with a voltage stability, the power supply reliable, convenient to move, it is widely used in power plants, substations, communication system, electric vehicles, aerospace and other departments. Battery is mainly ordinary lead-acid batteries, alkaline nickel cadmium battery and valve control type sealed lead acid battery. Ordinary lead-acid batteries due to a short service life, low efficiency, complex maintenance, acid mist generated by such problems as environmental pollution, the use scope is limited, has gradually been eliminated by valve control type sealed lead acid battery. Valve control type sealed lead acid battery overall use sealing structure, there is no ordinary lead-acid batteries of the gas rise, electrolyte leakage phenomenon, such as the use of safe and reliable, long life, when the normal operation of the need to test the electrolyte and acid water, also known as maintenance free storage battery. It has been widely applied to the post and telecommunication, vessel traffic, emergency lighting and many other fields. Alkaline nickel cadmium battery is characterized by small volume, high discharge rate, operation simple maintenance, long service life, but because of its low voltage monomer, easy leakage, high cost and easy to damage to the environment, so its use is restricted, the main application in the electric tools and various portable electronic device. Ordinary lead-acid batteries is mainly composed of plate group, electrolyte and parts such as battery slot. Positive and negative plates are made up of sheeting and active substances, which are active substances are brown lead dioxide on the plate ( PbO2) , the active material on the negative plate is dark gray cavernous pure lead ( Pb) 。 The electrolyte is with distilled water ( H2O) And pure sulfuric acid ( H2SO4) According to the proportion of a certain. In the process of charging, the electrolyte and the positive and negative plate of the active material produces chemical reaction, thus the electric energy into chemical energy stored; In the process of discharge, electrolyte and also on the positive and negative plate of the active material produces chemical reaction, to convert the chemical energy stored in the battery power supply load. In order to make the chemical reaction can be carried out as normal and electrolyte must have a certain concentration. Battery slot plate group and electrolyte container, it must has good acidproof performance, insulation performance and high mechanical strength. Connected to the load between the battery positive and negative plate, started the battery discharge process. At this point, the positive plate potential drop, negative plate potential rise, positive and negative plate on the active substances ( PbO2 and Pb) Are constantly turn into lead sulfate ( PbSO4) , gradually turned into sulfate in the water, electrolyte electrolyte proportion declining gradually, thus reduce battery internal resistance increases, electromotive force. If the battery positive and negative plates between access dc power supply output voltage higher than the voltage of the battery, battery charging process begins. At this point, the positive plate potential rising from a positive charge, negative plate potential decline due to negative charge accumulation, on the positive plate of PbSO4 gradually become PbO2, PbSO4 gradually into a cavernous Pb on the negative plate. At the same time, the electrolyte - H2SO4 in the synthesis of increase gradually, gradually reduce the water molecules, the electrolyte density increased gradually, also constantly improve the voltage of the battery.
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