Battery charging characteristics

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-07

Battery charging characteristics

Battery charging working voltage

Because the UPS battery belongs to the reserved mode, the voltage is usually in the battery charging state, only when the power supply can be cut off. In order to improve the battery life cycle, the upper charging head generally adopts a constant current source mode.

For a 12, all normal floating operating voltages are in the middle. The charging voltage of the battery is low, the charging voltage of the battery is not satisfied, and the charging voltage of the floating battery is high. When the operating voltage of the floating charge exceeds 14V, it is considered to be an over-voltage battery charge. It is forbidden to charge the battery of the battery pack, because charging the battery will cause the water in the lithium battery electrolyte in the battery to separate from the electrolysis of hydrogen and oxygen.

Currently, the battery charging current is usually expressed by c, and the ratio of c is related to the battery capacity. For example, if the battery is 100a: c is 100a. The optimal current of lead-acid batteries is up and down, and the current must not exceed. Too much current or too small is harmful to the use of the bottle.

The ideal current is applied to the stage current charging method, that is, a large battery is preselected to charge, and it is charged within a period of time after a small current. After the battery is charged, the battery is charged to a small current. The current design scheme is generally that when the current exceeds, it can be regarded as an overcurrent battery charging. Avoid using fast charger batteries to charge, otherwise the battery will be in the state of instantaneous over-battery charging and instantaneous over-battery charging, which will reduce the storage capacity of the bottle or even destroy the battery. Over-current battery charging will cause the electrode plates to bend, bend, and drop specific chemical substances, resulting in a reduction in the size of the battery-powered system, and more serious damage to the battery.

The volume released by the battery is related to the charge and discharge current. The higher the charge and discharge current, the lower the battery efficiency. For example, a 12v/24ah battery delays the charge and discharge current, the charge and discharge stop working voltage is 1 hour and 50 minutes, the specific volume is large, and the efficiency is high. When the charge discharge current is 7C, the time for the charge discharge to stop the working voltage is only 20 seconds, which is large in size and high in efficiency. Therefore, high-current charging and discharging should be prevented to improve the efficiency of the battery. In the general circuit principle and when the user selects the load, the charging and discharging current of the inverter power supply must not exceed 2c.

The deep charge and discharge layer are also harmful to battery life. The more serious the deep charge discharge layer, the lower the frequency of application of the circulatory system. Although UPS has a low-voltage maintenance function, when the battery is discharged up and down (relative to 12v), the UPS will automatically switch, but if the UPS is in a light-load or full-load charging and discharging state, although low-current charging and discharging can improve the efficiency of the battery, It will cause the specific discharge capacity of the battery to exceed its short-circuit capacity, leading to more serious deep charge and discharge. When the battery discharge depth is 100%, the actual service life of the battery is about 200 to 250 charge and discharge cycles; when the discharge depth is 50%, it is about 500 to 600 charge and discharge cycles. Therefore, in the application of UPS, not only can prevent light overload current charging and discharging, but also can prevent long-term light charging and discharging leading to deep charging and discharging. It is necessary to prevent short-circuit fault charging, otherwise, it will damage the charge and discharge capacity of the battery and the battery, and shorten the life cycle will be more serious. In the specific use of batteries, it is not the first to pursue the 20% perfect release rate. As long as you care about finding and solving the obsolete batteries, after the batteries are solved, the verification replenishment and emission tests are carried out.

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