Battery characteristics and daily maintenance

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-07

Daily maintenance of battery:

1. People often ask whether the two poles are connected to the wire head. In order to avoid air oxidation of the terminal, you can wipe glycerin and other protective film.

2. There is often a yellowish-white paste around the battery pole and cover, which is caused by the sulfuric acid corroding the pole, line card, fixing frame, etc. These materials have high electrical resistance and must be removed in time.

3. When two batteries must be used in series, the capacity of the batteries is equal. Otherwise, the battery life may be affected.

4. It is impossible to use the instant ignition test (SHORT-CRIOL failure test) to check the electric quantity in the bottle, which will cause damage to the battery.

5. Ordinary lead-acid batteries should be careful to add pure water on time. Charge the dry battery before use. For water-free maintenance bottles, proper maintenance inquiries should be maintained when necessary to increase the use time.

The most notable feature of lead-acid batteries is that they have a plastic sealing cover that can be unscrewed on the top, and there are vent holes on the top. The sealing cover is used to fill and check the electrolyte and exhaust gas of the lithium battery. In theory, if there is a lack of pure water, lead-acid batteries must check the height-to-width ratio of the lithium-ion electrolyte. However, with the development of battery production technology, the development trend of lead-acid batteries is maintenance-free batteries. Mainly adopt battery charging, charging and discharging to realize the dissolved water circulation system. Lead-acid batteries are mainly used for tricycles, and lead-acid batteries are widely used, including UPS power supplies and battery cars.

Lead-acid batteries must be divided into constant discharge (such as ups) and instantaneous charge and discharge (such as car batteries) according to their usage.

Ordinary lead-acid batteries are divided into three categories:

1) Ordinary batteries: general electrodes are composed of lead and lead metal oxide, lithium battery electrolyte For the hydrochloric acid solution. Its main advantages are stable working voltage and low price, but its disadvantages are low specific energy (ie electromagnetic energy stored in 1kg battery), short service life, and normal maintenance.


1. Tolerance

2. Longevity

3. High CCA, good startup

4. Battery charging and impact resistance

5. Application of high-quality composite glass fiberboard

6. TTP key technology

7. Potassium thiocyanate Excellent technical performance

8. Excellent low-antimony aluminum alloy technical performance, less maintenance design

9. Reliable design scheme for liquid hole plug sealing

10 .Long-term storage of dry power design plan will be launched soon

11. Model specifications, unique and standardized design

2) Dry-charged battery: its full name is dry-charged lead-acid battery , Its main feature is that the negative electrode plate has a high power storage capacity. When it is completely dry, it can store the power obtained within 2 years. When using it, only add lithium battery electrolyte and wait 20-30 minutes.

(3) Maintenance-free storage battery: Due to its structural advantages, the use of lithium battery electrolyte is very small, and it does not need to be filled with pure water during use. It has the characteristics of impact resistance, heat resistance, small size, and short life of lithium batteries. The use period is usually twice the use period of the bottle. There are also two types of maintenance-free batteries on the sales market: One of the main uses is energy storage technology, which is combined with the organic chemistry of the car. As a particle carrier of electric energy, I can not only be fixed, but also movable. According to the development trend of the automobile industry, I will promote the development of electric lithium batteries. In addition, the development trend of power lithium batteries will have greater applications for energy storage technology in the market. The first is the one-time application and maintenance (adding the charging liquid) after using the lithium-ion battery electrolyte; the second is that the original device of the rechargeable battery itself has been sealed by the lithium battery electrolyte, and the customer's pressure root cannot be charged.

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