Battery capacity testing method-Shenzhen Power Kingdom Co., Ltd.

by:Power Kingdom     2020-03-27
1. 1 test the necessary tool to test the required tools include: insulation glove, multimeter, thermometer, clip-on dc table, battery internal resistance tester, ratchet wrench, test records, warning label, protective glasses, flashlight, PH test paper. 1. 2 check the room environment check: room should be a cool, dry, ventilation and cooling equipment within the room should be running normally, temperature and humidity monitoring equipment running normally. UPS equipment check: coordinate UPS manufacturer technicians to confirm the equipment parameters, according to the data provided by the battery set UPS parameters, including: cut-off voltage, discharge current limiting filling, the filling time limit, the float charging voltage setting. 1. 3 battery check appearance inspection, check whether the appearance is clean, the presence of a liquid or stains, such as a liquid or stains can use PH paper help judgment, and to do a good job of cleaning devices help judgment of fault point. Battery connection check: check whether the battery connections between copper platoon fastening do, inspection group indirect line shall be no torsion. 1. 4 crew are on load test generally by the project owner organization, main backer and important equipment manufacturers and technical personnel to cooperate to complete.
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