Batteries with different performance cannot be used at the same time

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-15

When installing the battery, please follow the following methods:

1. Do not install the battery in a sealed indoor space or around a fire, otherwise there will be a risk of fire.

2 Can not use vinyl film type may cause static electricity to cover the battery, and sometimes lead to static electricity.

3. Do not install batteries in places with potential leakage, or there is a danger of electricity and fire accidents.

4. Do not install batteries in a natural environment exceeding -40C-60C.

5. Do not use the battery where there is smoke or where it may cause a short circuit failure.

6. When putting the battery in the box, remember to ventilate the room.

7. There is no need to paste or label stickers to press the top, because there is an automatic exhaust valve under the top cover, and the steam generated in the battery will not leak.

For the 8 series of floating battery charging, there are only three series of plug-in terminal rechargeable batteries. There are no restrictions on the anchor bolts to fasten the line terminals, but the total number of series is less reliable. In addition, the series wiring must take into account that the intermediate wiring conductor and the circuit resistance are equal. In order to maintain the balance of each battery charge and rechargeable battery, the application should not exceed three rows.

In addition, the amount of application is different, the new and old, different rechargeable battery manufacturers are different, because of their different value characteristics may cause damage to the battery and equipment, so please prevent the application.

After the new battery is delivered, it must be charged and discharged on time. The purpose of battery charging is to make the electromagnetic energy in the battery immediately repair the volume, so as to consider the needs of using electrical equipment. The purpose of charging and discharging is to immediately detect the main parameters of the battery capacity and promote the active reflection of the level of effective materials. The charging and discharging conditions of the battery will directly affect the electrical performance and service life of the battery. There are many ways to charge the battery, and choosing a scientific standard battery charging method can further improve the actual maintenance effect.

(1) Ensure that there is sufficient insulation reaction in and around rechargeable batteries and machinery and equipment. Insufficient insulation response can cause high voltage shocks, short circuit burns, smoke or ignition.

(2) Charging with a charging head connected to a DC stabilized power supply will cause the rechargeable battery to leak, burn or ignite.

(3) Due to the service life of lithium-ion batteries, battery capacity will decrease. Please recharge the battery before storing it for a long time.

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