Batteries will usher in a new growth inflection point

by:Power Kingdom     2021-04-24
At present, my country's energy storage batteries have made great breakthroughs in technology, but the future technology is still the center of development, especially with the continuous growth and maturity of the new energy industry.   It is understood that the doubling of the renewable energy tariff surcharge this time means that the country has increased its support for renewable energy. The currently implemented renewable energy tariff surcharge is 4%/kWh. Wang Sicheng, a researcher at the Energy Research Institute of the Development and Reform Commission, previously estimated that the renewable energy tariff surcharge could collect about 10 billion to 11 billion yuan per year.  Data shows that China’s annual electricity generation reached 4141.3 billion TWh, while previous data released by the National Energy Administration showed that the country’s electricity consumption in the first November of this year was 4283.5 billion kWh.   The demand for renewable energy subsidies in 2010 has exceeded 12 billion yuan, and this year’s funds are definitely not enough. Therefore, it is necessary to increase the levy standards for renewable energy tariffs.   At present, the sales of domestic storage batteries are still concentrated in the field of traditional storage batteries. The sales of new energy storage batteries and electric vehicle power batteries are still difficult to rise. The main reason is that the new energy industry is slow to promote and it is difficult to form large-scale. The benefits of renewable energy this time may be scaled up, which will drive the development of energy storage batteries.   The promulgation of this interim measure not only promotes the application of renewable energy, but will also drive the rapid growth of the storage battery industry. At present, the various benefits of renewable energy will surely bring about the rapid growth of energy storage demand, and the storage battery will also usher in a new growth inflection point.
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