Batteries: What are the current methods for marking the capacity of lead-acid batteries? Tianjin Battery Factory

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-18

   Currently, there are several ways to mark battery capacity, such as C20, C10, C5, C2. The actual flow rates are 20h, 10h, 5h, and 2h respectively. When the discharge rate is 20h, the battery should be C20, C20/10Ah, which is the capacity value obtained when the C20/20 current is discharged for 20h. When converted to C_5, that is, the discharge capacity is four times the current specified by C20, the capacity is only 7AH. Electric bicycles are usually discharged within 1 to 2 hours, and lead-acid batteries are discharged within 1 to 2 hours (C1~C2), which is almost 10 times the specified current. Then, it can actually only provide 50% of the discharge capacity of C20 and 54% of the discharge capacity. The battery capacity is marked as C2, which is the capacity expressed by the 2h discharge rate. If it is not C2, calculations should be made to obtain the correct discharge time and capacity. If the discharge rate of 5h (C5) is 100% and the discharge is completed within 3h, the actual capacity is only 88% in 2h, 78% in 1h, and only 65% u200bu200bof the discharge capacity in 5h.

The capacity of the    tag is assumed to be 10Ah. The current actual charge is 8. 8AH can only be obtained through 3h discharge. If the discharge time is 1h, it is 6. 5AH can only be obtained, and the discharge rate can be reduced at will. Discharge current> 0.5C2 will not only reduce the capacity of the battery, but also have a certain impact on the life of the battery. Similarly, for a battery marked (rated) with a C3 capacity, the discharge current is C3m3,i. e. ≈0.333C3, if C5 is C5, the discharge current should be 0.2C5 and so on. Contact: 18038382979


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