Batteries: The hazards of UPS starting and shutting down under load. Foshan Batteries

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-17

  Foshan battery

  UPS power supply voltage maintains the lowest value, but the basic relationship between Burke terminal voltage and discharge current is close, the discharge current is small, and the terminal voltage is high , The greater the actual capacity released when the minimum maintenance value is reached. Therefore, in the light-load operation of the UPS, before closing the appearance, try to avoid discharging to the lowest maintenance value. On the other hand, the long delay UPS should appropriately increase the maintenance value of the lower discharge voltage.

  4UPS is not suitable for on-load startup and shutdown

  UPS There is no delay in the start-up function, and the start-up is very simple at the beginning, burning the last-stage drive components of the inverter. When it is turned on, the operation of the control circuit has not yet entered a stable state, and a relatively large surge current will be generated at the moment of starting, which ultimately cannot be withstood by the drive components. This is especially true for UPSs that use MOS tubes as drive components. When the load contains an electric load, the load will be turned off, which will also cause damage to the final drive components. Therefore, this is not an emergency, do not carry startup and shutdown.

  Stop using the oscilloscope to investigate the control circuit waveform of the 5UPS inverter during normal operation

  The core component of the UPS power supply is the reverse Changer. When the inverter is running, do not use the oscilloscope and other tests to study the waveform of the control circuit. As a result of the test, although extra care must be taken, it is difficult to avoid the contact between the brush stroke and the closed point, and it is even more difficult to avoid the change in the operating state of the circuit due to the connection of the contact to the circuit. If the circuit is abnormally operated, the final drive element will be in danger of burning out. In the repair process, we have repeatedly found the phenomenon of artificial incineration of the inverter power supply. Some are due to lack of repair experience, while others are for learning and researching circuit waveforms. Contact: 18038382979


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