Batteries: the hazards and solutions of power quality problems

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-17

   This article introduces the possible hazards caused by some quality problems of safe power supply, and finally introduces several functions of the integrated regulator of AC parameter power supply.


   It plays an important role in improving the power supply quality of the distribution network.


  1, the voltage change is too large


   power supply is insufficient, the power supply department adopts cascade power supply, or it is located in a remote area, and the loss is too large. Lead to low voltage, low power consumption leads to high voltage, low voltage load can not work normally, too high voltage, shorten the service life of the load, or burn the load.


  2, waveform distortion (or harmonic Waveform Distortion)


   common waveform distortion refers to the quasi-power waveform Multiple harmonics. Harmonics in the power grid are caused by rectifiers, UPS power supplies, electronic speed control equipment, fluorescent lamp systems, computers, microwave ovens and energy-saving lamps. Switching power supplies are used for power electronics and electrical equipment, such as dimmers, or to generate secondary power sources themselves.


  The harm of harmonics to the public power grid mainly includes:


  1) The components in the public power grid generate additional harmonics Loss, reducing the efficiency of power generation and transmission and transformation equipment, through the neutral line a large number of third-harmonic currents, the line overheats or even catches fire; The normal operation of the equipment, in addition to causing additional losses, will also cause mechanical vibration, noise and overvoltage of the motor, resulting in severe local overheating of the transformer, overheating of capacitors, cables and other equipment, aging of the insulation, shortening the life span, and causing damage;


  3) It will cause local parallel resonance and series resonance in the public grid, thereby amplifying harmonics, greatly increasing the above-mentioned hazards, and even causing serious accidents.


  (4) Causes the misoperation of relay protection and automatic device, which makes the measurement of the electric measuring instrument inaccurate; Contact: 18038382979

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