Basic concept of valve-regulated sealed battery (VRLA)

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-06

  GB/T1497-1988VRLA Basic Concept (VRLA)


  (1) is an energy storage device for storage only;


  The advantage of being a substitute (full of preservation); the source and status of the technology;


  (2) Misleading the concept of'free of maintenance'


  (3) The concept of'sealing' design (ultra-fine glass wool separator)


   (safety valve: adjust the internal and external pressure of the battery, filter acid mist, prevent Internal pollution of the battery)


  GB/T1297-1988 The basic principle and response of GB/T1297-1988 fixed valve-regulated sealed lead-acid battery (4)


  acid secondary reversible battery; (fixed, valve-controlled, sealed GFM, GFMJ colloid)


   the redox reaction of the gain and loss of electrons (carried out in different regions)


  oxygen recombination principle (oxygen cycle principle)


   cathodic absorption (lean liquid type)

  Gel-rubber body


  (5) Current Communication Industry Standard
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