Bad car use habits can also damage the battery, have you ever?

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-12

  Bad habits can also damage the battery, have you ever? There are three bad habits here.

   1. Remove the lights or electrical equipment on board.

   It’s the most common thing to forget to turn off the lights after a car is parked, so many car owners can’t start the car the next day when the battery is on. 'However, with the optimization of automotive products, after the lights are turned off, the headlights are assumed to have dynamic and static prompts, or some vehicles will automatically stop within half a minute after turning off, thereby reducing the damage to the battery by the forgotten headlights. .

   But in addition to the headlights, other lights, such as interior reading lights or other interior electrical equipment, may forget to shut down after the fire is extinguished, and may not be able to be turned on overnight in the future car.

  Assuming that the battery can be charged until the conditions are met, until the car suspension can be activated. Otherwise, the battery may need to be replaced. Instead of replacing the battery with a lot of money, not as good as usual.

   2. Before the vehicle is turned off, this is not an air conditioner.

  Many people, including the author, do not use air to turn off the air conditioner before the car is turned off. When the car is not turned on, the air conditioner will be turned on when it is started. But VARTA experts said that this bad habit is also harmful to batteries.

   Assuming that the air conditioner is not turned off before turning off, when the vehicle is started, the air conditioner will automatically follow the triggering device to start, resulting in excessive vehicle power, excessive battery load, and repeated battery loss .

   Therefore, before the engine is turned off, the electrical equipment that can be turned off in the vehicle should be turned off as much as possible, such as air conditioners, radios, etc. Therefore, the time load of the battery is not excessive when the next vehicle starts, and then the battery is maintained.

  3. Use many electrical equipment without a car.

   One of the brothers had a tire on the road. During the replacement of the spare tire, his brother turned on the air conditioner while listening to the song. 'The vehicle cannot start until the spare wheel is ready for the future. This is because the harmonious audio-visual equipment in the car consumes the energy of the battery. After all, it must be called a trailer.

   Many people often listen to songs on the side of the road, and the parking lot may be on the side of the road and so on. 'But in order to save fuel, the initiator is usually stopped. At this time, the loss of audio and video equipment is the number of batteries, and the batteries may not be able to provide power to the vehicle in the end.

  Because the air-conditioning system and audio-visual system in the car are electrical equipment that consumes more power, assuming a long time may cause the car’s battery to deplete; even if it is not long, it is often not The use of electrical equipment will also damage the battery, after all, the battery will be scrapped in advance. Contact: 18038382979


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