8 major attention to the use of batteries

by:Power Kingdom     2021-04-24
(1) Be careful not to use the starter continuously, each start should not exceed 5s, and there should be 10s-D15s between two times to avoid damage to the arc of the pole plate caused by a large amount of discharge.   (2) Note that if the battery is insufficient, recharge it in time; according to seasonal changes, go to the maintenance station to check and adjust the density of the electrolyte; the electrolyte used should be pure, and the electrolyte should be prepared with higher purity sulfuric acid and distilled water.  (3) Pay attention to the surface condition of the shell. If the sealant is cracked, the shell is damaged, and the pole is severely worn or broken, it should be repaired in time.  (4) When using at low temperature, special heat preservation and antifreeze measures should be taken, and the engine should be warmed up in advance to avoid cold start, which may cause a large amount of battery discharge.  (5) Frequently wipe off the electrolyte and dirt on the shell and the electrode column clamp with warm water, and then apply a layer of petroleum jelly to avoid corrosion of the pole and wire clamp, and keep the shell dry and clean. (6) Check the height of the electrolyte level. Keep the level between the max-Dmin mark. If the level is too low, add distilled water in time. After adding distilled water in winter, run the engine for a few minutes to make the electrolyte. Mix well to prevent the newly added distilled water from freezing; when adding distilled water, prevent impurities such as iron filings from falling into the battery.  (7) Note that the screw plug of the filling hole should be tightened, and the vent hole on the screw plug should be kept unobstructed, otherwise the gas generated during the operation of the battery will damage the shell.  (8) Note that the positive and negative of the battery must be distinguished when loading the vehicle, and the polarity of the grounding must not be wrong to avoid damage to the generator. When removing, first remove the ground wire and then the fire wire; when installing, install the fire wire first, and then install the ground wire to avoid electric sparks.
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