2v lead-acid battery GFM-200

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-14

Introduction to the basic knowledge of   GFM-200 battery

   The basic concept (1) is an energy reserve storage device for backup only; as a backup advantage (full storage); technical sources and Current status; (2) The concept of'misleading (ultra-fine glass wool separator) seal without maintenance concept (ultra-fine glass wool separator) (safety valve: adjust the internal and external pressure of the battery, filter acid mist, prevent internal battery pollution) and reaction The basic principle of acid secondary reversible battery (4), valve control, sealed GFM, oxygen recombination principle (VRLA battery) AGM_cathode absorption (fixed, valve controlled, sealed GFM, GFMJ colloid) colloid type (in different areas of each Proceeding) Current communication industry standards The current power industry standards (oxygen cycle principle) maintenance work surface main problems: standardization issues; maintenance cost issues (lean liquid type);

   battery GFM-200 parameters

  GB/T1497-1988VRLA basic concept (VRLA)

  ( 1) It is an energy storage device for backup only;

   as a backup advantage (full preservation); technical source and current status;


The concept of   (2) is misleading and maintenance-free

  (3) The concept of'sealed' design (superfine glass wool partition)

   (safety valve: adjust the internal and external pressure of the battery, filter the acid mist, prevent the internal pollution of the battery)

  (4) fixed sealed lead-acid battery ( The basic principle and reaction of VRLA battery)

  acid secondary reversible battery; (fixed, valve-controlled, sealed GFM, GFMJ gel)

  Redox and profit and loss electronic reactions (carried out in separate areas)

  Oxygen recombination principle (oxygen cycle principle)

  AGM_cathodic absorption (lean liquid type)

  gel-rubber body

  (5) Current Communication Industry Standard
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