Various characteristics of lead-acid batteries

by:Power Kingdom     2021-06-27
Label: Various characteristics of lead-acid batteries 1. Departure-type lead-acid batteries have a very high rate in the market. They are mainly used in automobiles, electric power, and a series of mechanical starting. Their characteristics are that the starting time is very short. , And it is a high-rate high-current discharge. 2. Lead-acid batteries for communication power supply. Most of them are 2V lead-acid batteries, which are characterized by large capacity and long life. But the quantity is large and the weight is heavier. If you want to assemble a 220V battery, you need 110 2V batteries. 3. UPS lead-acid battery The lead-acid battery used in UPS is characterized by large current discharge, more DC voltage is 12V, the maximum capacity of 12V lead-acid battery does not exceed 250AH, the capacity is small, and the life is relatively short.
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