Two modeling methods for checking UPS battery capacity

by:Power Kingdom     2021-06-25
Labels: During the use of UPS batteries, the remaining capacity cannot be accurately predicted, resulting in sudden loss of power supply and loss. Therefore, an effective battery management system must be established, and accurately and reliably predicting the remaining capacity of the battery has become the most basic and most important task in the battery management system. At present, SOC (State of Charge) is widely used at home and abroad to represent the remaining capacity of UPS batteries. SOC is an important parameter that directly reflects the sustainable power supply capacity and health status of UPS batteries. Because UPS batteries have different types, uses, and external environments, and there are many influencing factors of SOC, there are various methods used in their predictions, and the battery models used are also different. General UPS battery modeling methods can be divided into two categories: one is physical modeling methods; the other is system identification and parameter estimation modeling methods.
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