Tightening of emission standards for lead-acid battery industry

by:Power Kingdom     2021-04-20
The industry reorganization has brought opportunities, and the demand for lead-acid batteries for automobile starters has maintained steady growth. The market for electric vehicle batteries has developed extensively and has become a battleground for lead-acid battery companies. Electric bicycles are rapidly becoming popular due to their practicability, convenience and economy. Some provinces and cities have also included them in the category of home appliances to the countryside, further promoting The development of my country's electric bicycle industry. Lead-acid batteries account for about 95% of the market share of electric bicycle power batteries. Although they are threatened by lithium battery technology to a certain extent, their high cost performance is enough to ensure their status as the mainstream in the short term. With the continuous growth of the electric bicycle industry, the demand for electric vehicle batteries will have greater room for growth. The '2012-2016 China Electric Vehicle Lead-Acid Battery Market Research Report' pointed out that the lead-acid battery industry will continue to achieve growth. In consideration of energy conservation, economy and input costs, the lead-acid battery market will spontaneously drive weak hybrid power. Cars are promoted and popularized. At the same time, domestic and foreign automakers continue to launch new energy vehicle products, which is expected to accelerate the development of weak hybrid vehicles. With high-performance, high-capacity, maintenance-free lead-acid weak-hybrid batteries as important parts of weak-hybrid systems, demand will continue to grow in the future.
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