The spring of the lead battery industry? -Shenzhen Power Kingdom Co., Ltd.

by:Power Kingdom     2020-03-16
Industry what spring will appear, depends on many variables, including corporate expectations and behavior, market competition, industry policy, etc. Starting from these variables, though it is in winter when the end of the conclusions, but at least can be concluded that in order to end of winter and spring in as soon as possible, policy makers and enterprise should do. From the industry status quo, serious overcapacity will lead to price wars or cost competition, the competition is too intense, lead to goods at a price below the cost line, some enterprises will be eliminated due to the unbearable loss. In fact, under the strong consolidation of policy, a large number of companies have already quit, the rest of the enterprise has a certain strength of enterprise, all with the desire of the inverse city expansion, the time required to make them out bound to some. After winter is spring. And the law of nature, an industry of how long it will last in winter, often hard to predict. For the lead battery industry, optimists say, is now in the cold winter, spring is soon; Also, pessimists say, this may be more long the winter, the spring may be far off. With reference to other industry consolidation the experiences and lessons of industrial concentration increase not all wishes come true. General, small businesses to support large enterprises and elimination, but, if be eliminated after small business, large enterprises quantity is more, and do not want to out, so, the further consolidation will struggle of the industry, is likely to be long in winter. On the other hand, if there are a few enterprises in the industry is very strong, few other companies, so may eventually form a pattern of oligopoly. For the lead battery industry, and ultimately form a pattern of oligopoly is likely to be the expectations of the parties, on the one hand, enterprise realizes the bigger and stronger, on the other hand, the problem of pollution is also easy to solve. But must see, this is a more long-term goals. Considering the number of enterprises has a sharp contraction, the goal of this round of price war is mainly eliminated medium-sized enterprises, large enterprises. However, big enterprise expansion is also very & other; Fierce & throughout; Knocked out, even if the medium-sized enterprise, and industry still exists serious excess capacity, and further consolidation is still hopeless. The lead battery industry, therefore, to really get out of the dilemma, must rely on industrial policy. First of all, should maintain a good market order, and let the policy goal of elimination is really be eliminated out. It is understood that there are some & other; The guerrillas & throughout; Type of underground factory, they are unlicensed unlicensed, low cost, in the local market and even low transport costs, such as the post-sale service in a timely manner & other; Advantages & throughout; , which also brings to the industry a big pressure. Second, should promote industry merger and reorganization, to speed up the small and medium-sized enterprise's exit. Some companies do not want to quit, mainly because the equipment is new, before investment has not recovered, while maintain production will loss, but the production loss is bigger. To promote merger and reorganization among enterprises, on the one hand, for the industry to set a reasonable capacity of targets, limit the excessive expansion of homogeneity, m&a must become an important way of enterprise denotative development; On the other hand shall be for the enterprise production, production to provide the appropriate capital. Looking forward to the future, may also lead battery industry will usher in more cold in winter, but & other; Which without, would have no rainbow had the eyes no tears & throughout; , as long as the industry department in charge of the further relevant policies, industry will usher in a new spring.
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