The solar cell phalanx maintenance - on a regular basis The solar cell _ solar battery

by:Power Kingdom     2020-08-25
The use and maintenance of the solar cell phalanx quality directly affects the service life of the solar cell components, affecting the solar power system operation cost, and affect the efficiency, make the solar cell phalanx of maintenance is the best means of maintaining photovoltaic systems running. The solar cell phalanx placed outdoors for a long time, the sun, is full of dust, the dust will block the solar cell phalanx absorb sunlight. So for the solar cell phalanx to regular cleaning, cleaning, the exposed wiring junction to conduct regular inspection maintenance. Solar cell phalanx should be check regularly maintenance projects are: 1) To look at the solar cell phalanx regularly, when the solar cell phalanx was observed surface dust to gray, can't see the solar cell phalanx under the condition of the original blue crystal board face, should be timely cleaning the dust on the solar cell phalanx. Wipe to avoid in high temperature and strong sunlight solar cell phalanx of personal electric shock damage and possible damage to the solar cell components, shall be carried out in the morning or late afternoon component cleaning, clean solar energy battery components glass surface with a soft brush, gentle clean water, clean is used when the smaller efforts, in order to avoid damage to the glass surface, with coated glass components should pay attention to avoid damage to the glass layer. If it is dry ash available chicken-feather duster removal. If the putty + mop wipe clean it with clean water. If the oil much available a moderate amount of alcohol and soft cloth to clear, do not wash, wipe with a hard object or corrosive solvent. 2) In case of strong wind, rainstorm, hail, snow, etc. , should check whether there is any covering on the surface of the solar cell phalanx, measures should be taken to protect the solar cell phalanx, so as to avoid damage. Also if there is a snow accumulation on the solar cell phalanx can use soft items will be pushed down snow, be careful not to cut glass on the surface of the solar modules, solar energy battery components is bearing, but can't step on the solar battery components above cleaning, will cause the damage of the solar cell components or affecting the service life of the solar cell components, general advice don't wait to be too thick snow in cleaning, in order to avoid excessive solar modules to freeze. 3) Regularly check whether the solar cell phalanx cable and ground contact is good, the presence of loose, falls off phenomenon. Check the encapsulation of the solar cell components, such as the discovery does have packaging glue water, in time for repair or replacement. 4) Solar modules are not afraid to come into contact with water, because the solar cell has seal installed below the toughened glass, with EVA laminated on the back, so there was water outside, inside the cell, there will be no water entered even if the inside of the battery into water and don't be afraid, because of the characteristics of solar cells can short circuit, most is in short circuit when there is no power output, situation of short-circuit will vanish, and able to use the intact. Regular checks on the solar cell components, if found the following issues should be replaced immediately adjust or photovoltaic modules: (1) solar energy battery components exist glass shattered, back burning coke, obvious color change. (2) on the edge of the solar modules are connected channels of bubbles. (3) the solar cell component junction box deformation, distortion, cracking, or burned, terminals can not good contact. 5) Regularly check whether there is any loosening and fracture on the solar cell phalanx stents, stents all bolts, weld and connection should be solid and reliable, anticorrosive coating should not appear on the surface of the crack and fall off phenomenon, otherwise should make up brush. 6) Regularly check the bird droppings on the surface of the solar cell phalanx, cleaned up when necessary. Building shadow on the solar battery components, leaves, and even the guano shade can cause bigger impact to power systems, each solar battery components electrical characteristics of the solar cell used almost the same, otherwise will be in place on the solar battery of the electric performance is bad or obscured the so-called hot spot effect. In a solar cell phalanx, obscured the sun battery components will be as other light load consumption of energy generated by the solar cell components, obscured the sun battery components at this time will be fever, this is the phenomenon of thermal effect, this kind of phenomenon in severe cases can damage the solar cell components, in order to avoid the hot spot in the solar cell series branch effect, need to add bypass diode on solar cell components, and in every way solar battery string are installed on the dc insurance, even if there is no hot spot effect, solar battery components are occluded can also affect the electricity. 7) To test the temperature of the solar cell phalanx, on a regular basis and with the environment temperature were analyzed. Solar cell phalanx in the absence of shadows shade under the working conditions, the solar irradiance for more than 500 w / ㎡, the wind speed is not more than 2 m/s and under the condition of the same external surface of the solar cell components ( Battery is directly above area) The temperature difference should be less than 20 ℃. 8) Regularly to the photoelectric parameters of the solar cell phalanx and output power for testing, to ensure the normal operation of the solar cell phalanx. 9) Use metal frame of the solar cell components, borders and stent should be combined with good, contact resistance between the two is not greater than 4 & Omega; , border must be solid grounding and grounding resistance should be regularly check the solar cell phalanx.
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