The main reason for the higher cost of gel batteries than lead-acid batteries

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-06

The colloidal battery adopts gel manufacturing technology, and the electrolyte in the battery is fixed in silicon gel. The fixation of the electrolyte is due to the silica gel spatial network structure formed by the polymerization of gel colloidal particles to effectively fix the sulfuric acid electrolyte. The principle is similar to the use of jelly to fix the sulfuric acid electrolyte. In the spatial network, silica gel is the skeleton to support the entire network, and sulfate ions can move freely at a certain level, which can ensure the smooth progress of battery chemical reactions, that is, the smooth progress of battery charging and discharging.

Since the spatial network structure of silica gel is rich in a large number of silico-oxidation bonds, it can form hydrogen bonds with hydrogen in sulfuric acid molecules. Due to this weak chemical effect, silica gel can easily adsorb and release sulfuric acid molecules. . Even if the electrolyte is left unmoved for a long time, due to the existence of this effect, the effect of gravity can basically be offset, so that the diluted sulfuric acid electrolyte is evenly distributed up and down, and stratification is not easy to occur. Furthermore, the average pore diameter of the gel itself is about 100 times smaller than the average pore diameter of the AGM separator, and the comparative area of u200bu200bthe gel itself is much larger than the specific surface area of u200bu200bthe AGM separator, and the small pores or micropores can be better. Keep the sulfuric acid electrolyte. In the gel battery, since the electrolyte does not stratify, the active materials on the upper and lower parts of the inner plate of the battery can be fully utilized, so the battery has a long service life and can also be manufactured into a high-profile battery. The battery height of Sunshine A602/3300 exceeds 800mm.

The development of colloidal batteries is based on the improvement of liquid-rich batteries. Since silicone gel is used to fix the sulfuric acid electrolyte, the gas transmission inside the gel battery is completed by the channel formed by the cracks caused by the gel cracking. The amount of electrolyte does not affect the gas transmission channel, so the electrolysis The amount of liquid is not strictly limited, and a flooded design is usually used to ensure that the battery has better performance. Therefore, the amount of electrolyte in gel batteries is relatively large. For large-density batteries, the rich liquid is about 20%, and for medium-density batteries, the rich liquid is about 15%. Gel batteries usually use low-concentration acids. At lower acid densities, the corrosion rate of the grid is lower, and the charge acceptance of the battery is also significantly improved, thereby prolonging the service life of the battery. Secondly, the gel battery has more electrolyte. The more electrolyte, the greater the heat capacity of the battery, so the gel battery is not very sensitive to temperature. High temperature has relatively little effect on the performance and service life of gel batteries. In addition, the long-term use of the battery may cause the battery to lose water due to high voltage or maintenance operations such as equalizing or overcharging the battery. The gel battery has more electrolyte and a small amount of water loss, which has little impact on the battery life. , So the service life is longer and the battery stability is better.

The main reason for the higher cost of colloidal batteries than lead-acid batteries

First, the production of colloidal batteries not only needs to increase the glue equipment, but also needs special Of glue filling equipment. Due to the use of colloidal electrolyte, gelation may occur due to the high viscosity of the colloidal electrolyte. Therefore, the control requirements for the production process are completely different from the production process of lead-acid batteries. The process is more complicated and the technology is difficult to master.

Secondly, the gel battery uses microporous plastic separators, which require high porosity, good strength, and thin thickness. The high-quality microporous separator itself has a higher cost. For lead-acid batteries, the separator is made of ultra-fine glass fiber, and the manufacturing process is relatively simple and the cost is low.

Thirdly, gel batteries generally have a larger electrolyte design margin. Not only does it increase the silicone gel material, it also requires more sulfuric acid electrolyte. The total weight of sulfuric acid electrolyte and silica gel is heavier, and the material cost is higher. Therefore, the overall cost of the gel battery is high.

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