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by:Power Kingdom     2020-08-29
Photovoltaic battery is used to store electricity components in the system. In the storage battery, electrical energy is converted to chemical energy, this is the process of battery charging; When the solar battery to the battery charging is completed, start of electricity load, battery began to convert the chemical energy in electric power, this is the battery discharge process. Currently used battery in the photovoltaic system is basically sealed lead-acid battery. Why is that? Because the battery is very cheap. But, because the battery is sealed maintenance-free, compared with previous open type lead-acid batteries, not artificial water, acid and online test, the temperature and specific gravity of battery electrolyte, voltage to maintain, so this kind of sealed lead-acid d battery free extremely fine strict with charging system and discharging system, can no longer use the past simple to manage the storage battery charging and discharging method that kind of vulgar, so now the battery technology experts have developed a more scientific safe to charge and discharge system, such as PWM ( Pulse width modulation) Charging technology, it is very good, and to charge and discharge controller embedded single chip computer system to closely monitor the controlled battery. Knowledge of controller was introduced in the next chapter. The battery is by far the most important components in the photovoltaic system. Why is that? Because this thing too effeminacy and battery too. Slightly improper use, it will die. If the energy storage component is broken, photovoltaic system can work normally? Obviously not. Because of the solar cell ( At present) Photoelectric conversion efficiency is too low, impossible as well as power generating set straight for online. When the photoelectric conversion efficiency can increase to 85%, when just can imagine the online straight for solar cells. Then the present situation, we can only is a good design, good use and maintenance of batteries. Don't let it charge, also don't let it over discharge, also don't let it owe charging every day. The harm of charging is to make the battery fluid loss, because too much battery charge state release gas, serious water electrolysis to the extreme situation happens. Water loss after high electrolyte concentration, temperature, electrode voltage rise further, increasing the water loss of the battery. After entering a vicious cycle, the battery will be finished soon.
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