The capacity of the battery depends on the area of the internal active substances -Shenzhen Power Kingdom Co., Ltd.

by:Power Kingdom     2020-03-23
Auto makers do not produce tyres and batteries, refrigerator manufacturers not electricity, cleaning equipment production and sales also not production battery, they don't have battery in terms of professional knowledge. Battery capacity depends on the area of the internal active substance, the main components of the lead-acid battery is lead. The proportion of lead is 11. 36 g/cubic centimeters, and therefore the greater the volume capacity, the greater the manufacturer of different if the nominal more weight under the condition of the same rated capacity, the heavier who normally is the more accurate data. As far as we know some cleaning equipment vendors will start metal battery or battery back-up power type for the user ( Probably don't know why) , battery used three months time significantly shortened or even failure. Another part of the seller to the battery is not guaranteed. Auto start metal type battery vendors generally don't know much about the power of battery, and even understand them without spot, generally need to order, and then they transfer to company specializing in power battery. In addition dynamic type battery company in order to guarantee the life of the battery is equipped with all the smart charger.
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