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by:Power Kingdom     2020-03-24
2, the battery charge and discharge ( 1) At the beginning of the new battery charging ordinary lead-acid batteries used for the first time, early need to recharge. Its quality is good or bad, directly affects the capacity and life of the battery, so I really need to. Method is as follows: (1) check before charging. Should be comprehensive review before the initial charge battery and accessory parts, see any shortage of vessel rupture, attachment, and cleaning work. (2) perfusion electrolyte. According to the instruction manual injection density of electrolyte, with 0 ~ 3 v dc cushion table check medium the single battery for the phenomenon. (3) to charge. Properly connected charger and battery, the charging process is divided into two stages. The first phase of the charging current is approximately a quarter of the rated capacity of C20 ~ 1/6, charging to emit bubbles in electrolyte, the single voltage reached 2. 4 v, putting the current lower half, into the second stage, has come up to bubble to the electrolyte for 2 ~ 3 h, density and voltage stable. All the charging time is about 60 ~ 70 h. Must often measured in the process of charging the electrolyte temperature, when the temperature more than 40 & deg; C, the charging current should be halved, but charging time to extend. When the temperature exceeds 45 & deg; C, should immediately stop charging, the temperature dropped to 40 stay & deg; C below to charge again. At the beginning of charging process, in addition to the special circumstances, not allowed in the 20 h interrupt. (4) adjust the degree of electrolyte and liquid level height. When the battery is close to enough electricity before, it is necessary to adjust an electrolyte density and liquid level height. When the density is higher than the specified value, should be appropriate to take out the part of the electrolyte, join the amount of distilled water. On the other hand, should join the density of 1. 40 g/cm3 electrolyte, the liquid level e. , reaching 30 min recharge. If you still do not conform to the requirements, should be adjusted a few times repeatedly, until it is adjusted. If the new battery charge for the first time after the short of rated capacity, should carry on the charge and discharge cycle. With 20 h discharge rate ( 1/20 of the rated capacity that current) Discharge to the single voltage drop to 1. 75 v, and then use normal current enough. Generally after 3 times charge and discharge cycle, the capacity of the battery can reach 100%. ( 2) Battery charged the normal normal rechargeable battery in the following cases: (1) battery in the machine for the battery is low. (2) the battery for a long time in the small current discharge. (3) battery placed indoors for more than 1 months time. (4) electrolyte consumption or excessive evaporation, added a large amount of distilled water. (5) after repair, battery plate exposed for a long time in the air. 6. Battery discharge in winter more than 25%, more than 50% in summer. ( 3) The balance of battery charging when the battery voltage of the single, electrolyte density, capacity, etc have different difference, can use the equalizing charge method to eliminate the difference. With normal charge method to charge first, after waiting for the battery terminal voltage stability, at 1 h, switch to C20 for charging current 1/20, 2 h, 1 h. Repeated 3 times, until you see each single battery case as soon as I started to charge to produce bubbles.
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