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by:Power Kingdom     2020-08-24
1. The design of the battery life is 27 months, if at or near the time limit and the phenomenon of the following suggestion to replace. Can open the headlights. If white light, indicates that the battery is normal; If the lights red, electricity shortage. Turn on the starter, if the speed is normal, lighting is a slightly darker, but still have enough brightness, shows the battery is good, the charge is enough; If the starter is powerless, and the light become very dark, excessive battery discharge, shall be immediately charge maintenance or replacement. The relatively small trumpet sound when no car, description, storage battery power is weak, you have to be careful. 2, how long the life of a car battery? ? What are the factors influencing the service life of battery? How to use can extend the life of the battery? The design of the battery life is 27 months, general family car more provinces, new car battery use 3 - a lot After four years, but replacement once must be replaced in about 2 years. Taxi fee and single can bus 8 - year s double bus It's about 10 months or so. Several factors affecting the service life of battery is: cars, road and the driver's habit generally CheYueXin the province, because of the motor to use the battery, generator works can be fully charge battery, car is old, especially after the two big motor generator change later, because the two products on the market of original factory goods and refurbished goods price difference is huge, so the owner not easily change original accessories, after the battery is easy to broken. Cross-country battery accumulator is easy to go bad, often with a technical indicators to represent the vibration resistance of the battery performance! To mark the battery if the working environment is bad, often bad, of course, love. New car battery damage easily, for the novice driver generally lack of vehicle use common sense. 3, how to identify the true and false of the battery? Sail battery top sides have production date and best factory, no more than 6 months of the end face anti-counterfeit labels. Varta battery end face with laser spray play dates, figures show that the year of production, in letters. Other manufacturers are also have manufacture date, the best of false is looking for a company to replace more credit, and don't keen on gaining petty advantages, battery sales of more competitive, profit margins is less than 10%, if the price of one obvious low you'd better not buy it.
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