Reasons for the scrap of lead-acid batteries

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-16

The reasons for the obsolescence of lead-acid batteries can be divided into three categories: one is due to the habit of charging or recharging batteries under water shortage conditions. For example, in a taxi that runs day and night, the rechargeable battery often works with less moisture. The generator set in the car floats on it, causing the rechargeable battery to burn, and the pole pieces are bent and short-circuited. The rechargeable battery is charged; the rechargeable battery is overcharged. Under circumstances, the battery electrolyte will heat up, which is more serious. For example, the boiling and rolling of the lithium battery electrolyte will corrode the electrodes, which will cause the lead powder, long-term, falling lead powder and other high lines to hit the lead plate and short-circuit the electrode. Then charge the battery. Traditional lead-acid batteries use sulfuric acid solution to continuously corrode the electrode plates in the entire process of the car. It is also easy to cause the electrode film lead powder to fall, so that the rechargeable battery cannot be repaired, and more than 90% of the batteries charged from the taxi are not repaired.

The second category is fake commercial rechargeable batteries, decoration rechargeable batteries, and counterfeit rechargeable batteries that are not produced in accordance with national industrial standards. The electrodes and aqueous solutions of this rechargeable battery are very poor, and the quality is not high, some electromagnetic energy can be obtained under new conditions, but they cannot be stored for a long time, so the cost cannot be saved. The third category is a fully sealed lead-acid battery, filled with lithium ion electrolyte between two electrodes, and its protective plate, such as wool felt. This kind of rechargeable battery chip is not easy to impact and fall, and the cost is often caused by the irreversible vulcanized rubber on the chip. This milky white lead sulfate crystal is on the film, making the total area of u200bu200bthe film smaller and smaller, in other words , The electric bicycle can run 40 kilometers, and can only run 25 kilometers in the back. If it can't run in the last 1 kilometer, it can only be scrapped.

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