Reasons for separate use of new and old lead-acid batteries

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-10

The reason why the old and new lead-acid batteries should be used separately: New batteries due to chemical changes, high-end voltage, low internal resistance, old battery terminal voltage, low, general battery quotation, large resistance, universal 12V new battery resistance ohm, old The battery resistance is greater than ohms. Assuming that the new and old batteries are used in series, the charging voltage at both ends of the old battery will be higher than the charging voltage at both ends of the new battery in the charging state. The effect is that the new battery is not fully charged, and the old battery is already too high. In the discharging state, because the capacity of the new battery is larger than that of the old battery, the effect is that the old battery is over-discharged, and even the old battery is reversed, and the battery swells as a side effect. It will consume the electric energy of the new battery, and at the same time, it will also cause the voltage instability inside the appliance. The quoted price of the sealed battery also has the risk of overuse of the old battery.

Methods to solve the problem of battery vulcanization:

1. Hydrotherapy: For vulcanized batteries, rechargeable batteries can be charged and discharged first, and then poured Into the original lithium battery electrolyte, and introduce the relative density in the following lithium ion battery electrolyte, that is, water dilutes the lithium battery electrolyte into the rechargeable battery to improve the solubility. When the liquid temperature does not exceed 2040℃, after a long time of 20 hours of battery charging, it is necessary to adjust the relative density of the lithium-ion battery electrolyte to make it compatible with the standard substance concentration of the rechargeable battery with a slightly higher lithium-ion battery electrolyte. . The basic principle of hydrotherapy is to reduce the relative density of the acid solution, increase the solubility of potassium thiocyanate, and use small current to charge for a long time to reduce the polarization of oocytes, slow down the appearance of the working voltage of the aqueous solution, and finally make the vulcanized rubber melt and transform into The condition of the active material is slow or removed. The water treatment characteristics of the discharged battery are more usable. The situation of vulcanized rubber can be solved continuously, and it can be repaired without investment in construction machinery and equipment. The defect is that the whole process is too complicated and the sealed (non-maintained) rechargeable battery is not available.

2. Charging method: charge the vulcanized battery with high current for 5 hours, so that the battery is slightly overcharged and the temperature does not exceed 40 degrees, then charge and discharge 30 ℃, in order to continuously reduce and remove the vulcanized rubber conditions . The basic principle of the battery charging method is to try to charge the battery to dissolve the vapor, and slightly vulcanize the surface layer of the electrode plate, so that it can be absorbed, dissolved and converted into active materials. This battery charging method can significantly improve light vulcanized rubber. However, due to the corrosion of potassium thiocyanate thiocyanate, in addition to the positive plate with obvious corrosion characteristics, it is not suitable for old-style rechargeable batteries, causing the active material to loosen or even fall.

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