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by:Power Kingdom     2020-03-26
Put all is specifically for industrial control abstract: smart battery test to check the battery discharge experiment, capacity, battery maintenance, project acceptance and other dc power load capacity test and design. Part of using new PTC power consumption, safe pollution-free, the whole machine is controlled by microprocessor, LCD and Chinese menu. Appearance design is novel, small volume, light weight, easy to move. Various discharge parameters under the key input can also be used by a computer, once the parameters setting, automatically complete the whole process of electric constant exile. Put all main functions and characteristics of the realization of intelligent battery:? Microcomputer control, LCD display, Chinese menu, real-time display various testing data ( The discharge current, battery voltage, discharge time, discharge capacity, start time, temperature, etc. ) , understand the equipment running status at any time. 吗? Keyboard: the keyboard Settings all sorts of all sorts of discharge parameters and machine operation instruction ( Can also through the computer directly download) 。 吗? Automatic protection: setting the discharge time, discharge capacity to; Battery voltage is lower than the minimum protection setting; Anomalies such as load of attachment, automatic stop discharge and alarm, and automatically record down. 吗? Off electricity function, such as accident in the process of discharge power, automatically save the set of discharge parameters and data collected during the process of discharge, such as telephone automatic continuous discharge, after various discharge data stored in a row, and won't cause damage to equipment. 吗? Data collection: two minutes before the discharge at a faster frequency automatic acquisition, storage of various data, after once per minute, is convenient for the analysis of the battery performance. 吗? Data processing: detection, various data can be stored in the through RS232 communication port ( Can also be 485) Or upload computer U disk, the specialized software ( Random configuration) For processing, produce various intuitive response curve, the performance of battery column chart, report forms, and can enlarge, shrink, print, queries, etc. 吗? Correction function: to show the voltage and current value of both before discharge and discharge process can be revised, Check) 。 吗? Data storage: discharge data of automatic storage many times to turn it off without losing. 吗? Power components: the new PTC, no pollution, safety halogen-light, small volume, light weight, heat faster. 吗? Current control: the new PTC and special discharge control mode, no impact on the at the beginning of the discharge current, to avoid damages to the battery. 吗? Application: U disk on the discharge of setting, acquisition, storage, data in archived time-varying more convenient, fast. 吗? Stable performance, axial flow fan, IGBT single pipe, new PTC ( Functional element) Application as well as the factory with strict inspection, aging, so the performance is very stable, durable. 吗? Portable flexible: the machine base is equipped with four impact resistance castor, two side is equipped with a handle, the machine is in use or the mobile is very convenient. 吗? Easy operation: battery introduced in wiring and on the left side of the load switch is located in the case, working power, RS232 ( 485) , such as USB port is located in the right side of the chassis. Operation panel, liquid crystal display screen is located in the top of the chassis, operation is very convenient. 吗? Configuration is complete, according to user requirements, can choose the cases and aluminum alloy box packaging, at the same time equipped with cables (with battery At one end is fast plug one end, for copper nose) As well as the RS232 cable, U disk, etc. 吗? Weaver function: can use more weaver.
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